Why Use Yucca Extract Powder for Feed?

Jan 13, 2022

Yucca is a multifunctional plant that integrates ornamental, edible, medicinal, and feeds additives. The active ingredients of Yucca Extract Powder contain steroidal saponins, polyphenols, polysaccharides and other substances. They all have various functions such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic, immune-stimulating activity, hypoglycemic, lowering cholesterol, and promoting growth. In this article, the application of yucca extract in aquaculture production is discussed in depth.

Yucca Extract Powder

Benefits in aquaculture

Yucca products can significantly reduce the concentration of ammonia in freshwater water. With the increased extract concentration and treatment time, the total ammonia nitrogen concentration in water decreases. Studies have shown that yucca extract can effectively reduce ammonia from biological sources (penaeus fry excreta) in a system simulating closed aquaculture. The addition of extract to the feed can improve the body weight gain of Litopenaeus vannamei, significantly increase serum protein content, non-specific immunity and hepatotrypsin activity, and significantly reduce nitrate, nitrite and Active phosphorus content.

Benefits in livestock and poultry production

Yucca Extract Powder was added to the diet of pregnant sows. Piglets showed higher thermoregulatory capacity after birth, while stillbirths and pre-weaning mortality were significantly reduced. The addition of butyrate and yucca extract positively affected the bone mass of weaned piglets. In vitro tests showed that treatment with yucca saponins significantly reduced ruminant protozoa activity in ruminants. However, in vivo experiments did not fully replicate the reduction in protozoan activity.

Supplementation of extract in laying hens diet can significantly increase body weight and improve feed conversion efficiency. Studies have shown that extract can improve growth performance, immune function, blood parameters, antioxidant enzyme activity. However, there were no significant effects on body weight change, feed consumption, feed conversion ratio and egg weight. Studies on broilers show that the addition of yucca extract significantly improves the growth performance of broilers, increases the efficiency of feed conversion and utilization and the survival rate of broilers. And different doses of yucca saponins can significantly reduce the urease activity and ammonia production in the intestines of broilers. Chick diets can control coccidiosis and improve growth performance of poultry, with positive effects on poultry health.

In summary, the active ingredients of Yucca Extract Powder have great potential application value in the field of aquaculture. With people's attention to healthy farming and ecological environment, the application research of this extract in aquaculture also needs further attention.

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