Plant Extract

A plant extract is a substance or active substance of a desired property extracted from plant tissue by treatment for a specific purpose, and can be used in a variety of areas including health foods, therapeutic drugs, cosmetics, processing aids, additives - chemical alternatives, and so on. There is a conceptual overlap between plant extracts and herbal extracts. The raw materials of plant extracts in my country are mainly derived from Chinese herbal medicines, so domestic plant extracts can also be called Chinese medicine extracts to some extent, and are generally included in the category of Chinese medicine products in my country's export trade statistics.
The application range of plant extracts is becoming more and more extensive. In addition to the traditional use in traditional Chinese medicine products, with the gradual increase of people's trust and dependence on natural products, a large part of plant extracts have been used in health care products and food ingredients. In addition, plant extracts have been used in cosmetics and feed in recent years. There are several categories of some of the best-selling plant extracts in the world. For example, rhodiola, ginkgo, and ginseng extracts are used in the fields of brain strengthening, intelligence, and prevention and treatment of senile dementia; green tea, citrus aurantium, apple, and bitter gourd polypeptide extracts are used for weight loss, hypoglycemia, and prevention and treatment of diabetes; licorice, garlic, astragalus and soybean extracts are used in the field of human immune system.
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