Natural Fruit And Vegetable Powder

Natural fruit and vegetable powder is processed by more than 10 processes such as pretreatment, quick freezing, vacuum drying, ultraviolet sterilization, packaging and storage of fresh fruits and vegetables through freeze-drying technology and equipment with international advanced level.
Making fruits and vegetables into powder has many advantages. First, low moisture content, which can prolong the storage period and reduce the cost of storage, transportation, packaging, etc. Second, the utilization rate of raw materials is high, and it does not require high raw materials, especially there is no requirement for the size and shape of the raw materials. Third, special attention should be paid to removing the rotten parts of fruits and vegetables during processing (completely remove strong carcinogens such as aflatoxin and patulin). At the same time, the residual pesticides in fruits and vegetables are completely removed. After removing these side effects, the prepared fruit and vegetable powder broadens the application scope of the raw materials of fruit and vegetables, and has little nutritional loss. Studies have shown that fruit and vegetable powder can be applied to almost all fields of food processing, and can be used to improve the nutritional content of products, improve the color and flavor of products, etc.
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