Dragon Extract Powder

Dragon Extract Powder


Latin name: Hylocereus Undulatus Britt
Main ingredients: protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, etc.
Part used: Fruit
Color: purple powder
Mesh: 100% 80 mesh
Odor: special smell
Storage method: sealed, protected from light, and stored in a cool and dry place.
Shelf life: In the case of meeting the storage requirements, the shelf life is 2 years.





Dragon Extract Powder is a powdered object formed by squeezing, concentrating, and spray-drying dragon fruit. The flavor and nutrition of it are retained. Hylocereus Undulatus Britt not only tastes sweet, but also has high nutritional value. It contains plant-based albumin and anthocyanins, rich in vitamins and water-soluble dietary fiber. It can grow normally without using any pesticides. It is a kind of healthy nutrient food with certain curative effects. Our company's dragon fruit powder has good water solubility and is very convenient for brewing. It has a unique fragrance and taste, full of energy and nutrition.

Dragon Extract Powder


1. Pitaya powder has higher anthocyanin content. It is an antioxidant that can effectively prevent hardening of blood vessels; effectively anti-aging; prevent the occurrence of dementia.

2. The plant albumin in dragon fruit has a protective effect on the stomach wall.

3. Whitening and losing weight,

4. Prevent anemia.


1: Dragon Extract Powder is used as raw material for fruit juice, bread, cake, cookiescandy ,puddings and other foods;

2: It can be used as food additives,not only improve the color, fragrance and taste, but improve the nutritional value of food.

3. It can also make wine, canned food, jam and so on.

Dragon powder

Why choose Jintai Biological?

★Strong Trade Capacity: Annual production of 500 tons as a manufacturer and explored market around the world.

★Workshop Production Line: dynamic countercurrent extraction, column separation, membrane separation technology, efficient counter-current extraction, microwave drying, spray drying hormones.

★Advanced Equipment: liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, magnetic drive autoclave and advanced testing, experimental, pilot equipment.

★Quality Assurance System: ISO9001, KOSHER, HALAL international quality system certification.

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