Jintai Updated The Internationla Halal Certificate For 193 Products

Jan 11, 2022

On December 14, 2021, Jintai Herb Biotechnology Co., Ltd updated the International HALAL Certificate for 193 products. According to Shariah (Islamic Law), these products have complied with the HALAL requirements according to the Shariah(Islamic Law). The certificate is valid until 2022 December 13.

HALAL Certificate

Jintai Biotech strictly follows the requirements and procedures of third-party testing agencies. The process of ensuring that these products can be used or eaten by Muslims by reviewing raw materials and production links.

Halal certification is the certification that products comply with halal regulations and are suitable for Muslim consumption. Products manufactured by Jintai under such strict constraints can always provide clean, hygienic, and healthy raw materials. Provide Muslim products and halal compliance to customers all over the world.

The total 193 products as attached.

01HALAL Certificate of 193 products

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