Scientific Interpretation: Can I Drink Peptides Before And After The New Crown Vaccine? What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Peptides?

Aug 27, 2021

Everyone, please take a look. This is a picture of the new crown virus, a crown, and a corolla. This new coronavirus has many spikes on its surface, like keys. It can have a receptor on the surface of our cell membrane, called the ACE receptor, which is the receptor that binds to the angiotensin-converting enzyme receptor to deceive our body.


The receptor is a lock on the surface of our cell membrane, and I let it judge foreign things and I don't allow it to come in. If it is good for me, it is my own family, I will let it in; if it is not, I will isolate it. The spike corolla of this new coronavirus can deceive this receptor on the surface of our cell membrane and let it open the door, so that the virus will enter the cell and we will be infected.


We have antibodies in our bodies. The structure of antibodies is Y-shaped. Let's take a look. Antibodies look like receptors. What are receptors like? Like a tree branch, it is also in the shape of a Y, like a lock. The antibody is also Y-shaped, which is mainly composed of four peptide chains. The two blue ones in the middle are long chains, also called heavy chains, and the two yellow ones on the outside are short chains and light chains. The molecular weight of the light chain is more than 20,000 Daltons, basically two hundred to two hundred and fifty amino acid residues, which is a peptide chain. Then the blue in the middle is more than 50,000 daltons, so it is usually a peptide chain composed of four hundred to five hundred amino acids, so it is a peptide.


So what is the role of antibodies? It is a simulated receptor, because it is in the shape of y, and the antibody is also like a lock, but it is free, not on the surface of the cell, but free in the blood tissue, and will actively follow the spike of the new coronavirus Combining is like inserting a key into a lock, which is equivalent to covering the spike of the new coronavirus. Then the spike of the new coronavirus can no longer deceive the receptors on the surface of our cell membrane.

After the antibody binds to the virus, it will form a very large immune complex, and then call our phagocytes, NK killer cells, kill it, and then remove it outside the body, which is intercepted in this way. This is a very important immune response in our body, called humoral immunity.


Everyone has started to vaccinate, so what is the role of our vaccinations? In fact, this vaccine is a killed virus. It is a real virus, but its activity is removed. The target for training is like a target. The target for training is first injected into the human body to stimulate our body’s immune system and use it for training. , Using our human body’s own small molecule peptide fragments to synthesize our antibodies, and trained a special force against this virus. When the next real virus comes, this special force can be fatal. Therefore, the vaccination means that we have taken the initiative to get the virus once, but it will not make us sick. This is the meaning of the vaccination.


But when we were vaccinating, we did not inject antibodies directly into you. This antibody needs to be synthesized by ourselves using the peptides in our body, that is, the four peptide chains that make up the antibody must be used by our body. Fragments have to be synthesized. Therefore, whether we are before, during or after the vaccine, we must promptly supplement high-quality and sufficient small molecule peptides, so that we can synthesize antibodies of sufficient quantity and quality by ourselves. Why did some people fail to produce antibodies after the vaccine? The vaccine failed? Because it is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice, he has no raw materials in his body and lacks peptides, so what do you let your body use to synthesize antibodies?

It should be emphasized that small molecule peptides do not need to be stopped before and after the vaccine, and should be used in increased amounts, so as to effectively help us synthesize more quantity and quality antibodies. In addition, I want to appeal to everyone here. Before the vaccine came out, everyone was calling for it. But when it comes out now, many people don't dare to fight, right? Afraid of its safety. I have finished the vaccine without any problems, no discomfort, including people around me, my relatives and friends, including people I know who have been vaccinated, and there is no problem.


You can also learn about it in private, because so far, our Chinese vaccine is the safest in the world. I believe that this view should be accepted by everyone. If you don't get the vaccine from China, whose vaccine can you get? If you don’t fight now, you have to fight sooner or later. If you don’t fight this year, you have to fight next year. Because in our country, only after 75%-85% of the people are vaccinated can the whole people be immunized. Only in this way can our country open the door for foreigners to come in, promote our country’s tourism and catering industry, and then we can live a normal life happily, and live our new year, so that our children will be suspended without saying that they are closed. Future.


The impact of this epidemic on us has been too great. You can think about it. We are really nesting at home like mice. We dare not go anywhere. Do you dare to sit on trains and airplanes? After you get sick, do you dare to go to the hospital easily? During this period, there are many people around us who are unable to lead a normal life, eat and exercise normally, and have blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood lipids fluctuating again. Secondly, the impact on our children is too great, especially those in the graduating class, so I advocate vaccinations, especially those of us who are younger and do not have serious physical diseases. As long as they meet the requirements of vaccinations, they must take the initiative to vaccinate. .

Once we are vaccinated and the body has antibodies, we are an immune barrier and a firewall for our loved ones. Although we encounter the new crown virus, we will not pass the virus to others because of ourselves, which is equivalent to quarantining it. This is a protection.

Whether we are for the small family, for everyone, or for ourselves, we as young people should have this responsibility and take the initiative to vaccinate.

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