Freeze-dried Powder

Freeze-dried powder is a sterile powder injection obtained by freezing the medicinal liquid into a solid state in a sterile environment, and vacuuming to sublime and dry the water. Freeze-dried powder is obtained by freezing the moisture in the liquid in advance by the vacuum freeze-drying method of the freeze dryer, and then subliming the frozen moisture in the liquid in a vacuum aseptic environment, thereby obtaining freeze-drying. In short, the water in the medicinal solution is drained in a low temperature environment to retain its original medicinal effect.
Lyophilization is an effective method for drying heat-sensitive products and substances that need to remain biologically active. This method is to freeze the moisture contained in the product that needs to be dried at low temperature, and then dry it in a vacuum environment, so that the moisture is directly sublimated to water vapor from the solid state and removed from the product to make the product active dry. The method effectively prevents the change of the physical, chemical and biological properties of the product, causes less damage to the biological tissue and cell structure and characteristics, makes it quickly enter a dormant state, and effectively protects the stability of the active ingredients of many heat-sensitive pharmaceutical and biological products. Such as proteins and microorganisms will not denature and lose their biological activity.

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