Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil


Product name: lemon essential oil
Appearance: Pale to greenish yellow clear liquid
Part used: lemon peel
Grade: Cosmetics grade, Medical grade
Application: Aromatherapy, Massage, Skin Care, Healthcare, Cosmetics,Pharmaceuticals






Lemon essential oil is extracted by squeezing the peel as the raw material. About 90 lemons can squeeze 1 drop of essential oil. And about 3000 lemon peels produce 1kg of essential oil. Lemon is rich in vitamin C. It is especially beneficial for whitening, balancing oil secretion, and treating oily skin symptoms such as acne. The refreshing scent of lemon can refresh the mind, relieve irritability, and purify the air. Therefore, lemon essential oil has a lot of positive conditioning effects on the skin and body.

lemon essential oil


1. Psychological effects

Lemon Essential oil can bring a refreshing feeling and help clarify your thoughts.

2. Physiological effects

Unblock blood flow, reducing the pressure on varicose veins.

It can restore the vitality of red blood cells and reduce the phenomenon of anemia.

Promote the function of the digestive system, and increase the alkalinity in the stomach.

3. Skin curative effects

Removal of old dead cells brightens dull complexion, and purifies greasy hair.

Cleansing, astringent, balancing oil secretion and whitening skin.

Soften scar tissue and prevent split nails.

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