3 Types Extraction Technology of White Peony Root Extract

Jan 18, 2022

The extraction technology of the White Peony Root Extract is an important link in the whole research. Whether the extraction is successful or not directly affects the conduct of later experiments and the final efficacy of the drug. The extraction time, temperature, and solvent significantly impact the extraction and efficiency of the active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicines. Therefore, the development of extraction technology has attracted more and more attention. This paper summarizes and organizes three types of extraction methods of the active ingredient paeoniflorin.

Extraction Technology of White Peony Root Extract

1. Solvent heating reflux extraction method

Solvent extraction generally refers to extracting effective parts from Chinese herbal medicines. According to the solvents' solubility of various components in Chinese herbal medicines, a solvent with high solubility for active components and low solubility for components that do not need to be dissolved is selected to dissolve the active components from the tissue of the medicinal materials.

Considering that paeoniflorin is a water-soluble component, the decoction method is used to extract paeoniflorin. The results showed that the extraction rate of paeoniflorin was high under suitable process conditions, the extraction cost was low and energy was saved. However, the solvent heating and reflux extraction method, especially decoction, is accompanied by the appearance of some pectin, starch, mucus and other water-soluble substances, which will also bring certain difficulties to the subsequent operation of White Peony Root Extract.

2. Ultrasonic extraction method

Extraction was carried out using ultrasonic-assisted solvent. It utilizes the mechanical effects, cavitation effects and thermal effects of ultrasonic waves. It is an extraction method that increases the moving speed of the medium molecules and enhances the penetrating power of the medium to improve the dissolution of the effective components of traditional Chinese medicine in the extraction solvent. The sound wave produces a high-speed, strong cavitation effect and stirring effect, which destroys the cells of the herbal medicine, makes the solvent penetrate into the cells of the herbal medicine, shortens the extraction time, and improves the extraction rate. This method can extract more components, has high efficiency, and is not easy to break the components; and has low energy consumption, and can more accurately extract the target substance.

3. Microwave solvent extraction

The first mechanism of microwave extraction is that high-frequency electromagnetic waves penetrate the extraction medium and reach the material's internal vascular bundle and glandular system. Absorption of microwaves can rupture cells, and the active ingredients in the cells flow out freely, and the extraction medium captures and dissolves under lower temperature conditions. Extracted material is obtained by further filtration and separation.

The second is that the electromagnetic field generated by the microwave accelerates the diffusion rate of the extracted components to the interface of the extraction solvent. When water is used as a solvent, under the microwave field, the water molecules rotate at high speed into an excited state, which is a high-energy unstable state, or the water molecules vaporize, strengthening the driving force of the extracted components. Or the water molecule itself releases energy back to the ground state, and the released energy is passed on to other matter molecules. Accelerates its thermal motion and shortens the time for the molecules of the extraction components to diffuse from the interior of the material to the interface of the extraction solvent. Thereby, the extraction rate is increased several times, and the extraction temperature is also reduced to maximize the extraction quality.


Paeoniflorin is widely used as the main therapeutic ingredient in White Peony Root Extract. And paeoniflorin itself has very little toxicity and is a very promising drug in the market. With the improvement of modern technologies, obtaining high-purity paeoniflorin monomer will soon be realized. This will provide a powerful help for better research on its efficacy and dosage form in the future.

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