What's the freeze-dried technology?What's the benefit of freeze-dried?

Dec 05, 2018

Freeze-drying is a very effective method for the product that need to keep biological activity.  The method is the producermake the product material be frozen at low temperature first and then dry them in vacuum environment, so that the water can be directly sublimated from solid state to water vapor, finally, the products be dried but still keep active.

1. It effectively prevents product biological characteristics from changing, have less damage to product biological structure,biological tissues and cells, makes them fast into dormancy, and effectively keep the stability of active ingredients. For example, the proteins and microorganisms in the products will not changeand lose their biological activity.

2. After drying, freeze-dried products will be loose morphology and the color will not change. If add water, they can quickly dissolve and recover the physicochemical properties and biological activity of the original aqueous solution.

3. Because the drying technology is carried out in vacuum, it can protect the oxidizable substances from oxidizing very well.

4. After the freeze-drying process, there are less water content in the product, which improves the stability of the product and reduces the chance of contamination. It not only facilitates transport, but also prolongs the shelf life of the product.

Freeze-dried powder

Freeze-dried powder preserves theoriginal color, fragrance, taste and nutritional components ofraw materials, and doesn’t contain any additives. It is an ideal natural health food material.

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