Production process of royal jelly lyophilized powder

Oct 19, 2018

1. Filtration: The royal jelly of Qinling is selected, and the bee yard with refrigerated conditions. After the royal jelly is taken, the 80-100 mesh nylon sewing pocket is used to filter the wax residue and debris in the royal jelly.

2. Packing: Pack the filtered royal jelly into the desired plastic or plastic bag. When filling, fill each bottle, reduce air intrusion, and close the cap. Label the label and indicate the date of manufacture, tare weight, net weight, etc.

3. Storage: The packaged royal jelly is immediately stored in a freezer below -18 °C to reduce the loss of active substances in the royal jelly.

4. Transportation: Royal jelly is transported separately by refrigerated truck. The vehicle is cleaned and disinfected before transportation. The royal jelly is frozen at -25 °C for 24 hours, and the royal jelly is placed in three layers and transported to the factory.

5. Raw material acceptance: The sensory, physical and chemical indicators, pesticide residues and sanitary conditions of the raw materials are tested. Ensure that all indicators meet the raw material standards and issue inspection reports. Sensory requirements are free of bubbles, must have a paste, with royal jelly, royal jelly, no wax, larvae and other impurities. The mouth tastes the spicy, sour taste of royal jelly, and the aftertaste is slightly sweet.

6. Classification: According to the test results, different quality raw materials are graded according to the standard requirements. According to the purity of single flower royal jelly, the color of royal jelly and 10HDA store different levels of royal jelly in different areas and mark them.

7. Storage: Royal jelly is stored in the freezer, the temperature is controlled below 25 °C, and the stacking height is three layers.

8. Thawing of royal jelly: Before thawing, check whether the package of royal jelly is damaged. Thaw the damaged one in a stainless steel container. The raw materials are placed on the material rack, and each raw material is kept at 3cm-5cm. The temperature of the thawing chamber is controlled at 25 ° C ~ 30 ° C, thawed to most of the melting, but there is still a small amount of hail, the thawing time is controlled within 20 hours.

9. Filtration: The defrosted royal jelly is filtered into a stainless steel container with a 40-mesh filter. After filtering, there must be no visible impurities such as larvae and wax chips.

10. Vacuum stirring: The filtered royal jelly was placed in a vacuum stirred tank and stirred under vacuum for 30 min. Make the royal jelly uniform. And there are no bubbles.

11. Ingredients: Add 1:1 water to the proportion of royal jelly and stir evenly, then filter with 100 mesh nylon gauze to remove impurities.

12. Vacuum low-temperature drying: The filtered royal jelly is divided into the tray of the vacuum freeze dryer. The thickness of the royal jelly is 8-10 mm, or it is placed in the ampoules on the ampoules, not sealed, and placed in freeze-drying. indoor. Start the vacuum freeze dryer, reduce the temperature of the vacuum drying chamber to -40 ° C, quickly freeze the royal jelly, then control the vacuum to about 10 mmHg, keep the temperature of the royal jelly at -25 ° C, and control the temperature of the condenser - Above 50 °C, a large vapor pressure difference is formed to promote water vapor discharge. At the same time, the components of the freeze-drying chamber are heated and transferred to the tray to promote moisture sublimation. After vacuum drying at low temperature for about 12 hours, the water in the royal jelly has been reduced to about 10%. At this time, the purpose of drying has been initially achieved, but it cannot be preserved for a long time. It must be dried at this time to increase the temperature of the drying chamber to 30 °C. The maximum temperature does not exceed 40 ° C, lasts 4 to 5 hours, allowing the water to evaporate quickly, so that the moisture content of the royal jelly is reduced to about 2%, that is, the drying process is completed. Whether or not the royal jelly is dried is based on the fact that the royal jelly powder and the shelf temperature at which the constant temperature is maintained or the vacuum of the pump unit and the drying chamber are substantially the same and can be maintained for a while.

13. Crushing: The royal jelly lyophilized powder pieces are pulverized to 100 mesh.

14. Filling: The first inspection is carried out before filling, and the sensory indexes such as moisture, color and taste of royal jelly are tested, and physical and chemical tests are carried out by sampling. It is sampled and tested every 30 minutes during the filling process. And filling the meter for inspection. If it fails or the abnormal situation stops immediately. When the royal jelly lyophilized powder is filled, the relative humidity of the filling workshop is controlled below 55%.

15. Packaging: Check the packaging materials according to the pre-packaged food standards before packaging to ensure pass. 

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