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What is the difference between epimedium icariin and icariins?

Epimedium is a plant of the genus Epimedium. For kidney deficiency, impotence, premature ejaculation, waist and knees soft, limb cold and chills.

Icariins is made up of methanol as the mobile phase, and the Icariin is made of acetyl chloride as the mobile phase. The reference substance is epimedium. this is standard, but the lcariins detection uses methanol as the mobile phase to interfere greatly, and the error exceeds the normal range. So we now use acetonitrile: water = 25:7 as the mobile phase and then according to the HPLC test of Epimedium extract.The five peaks measured (generally the fifth peak is Epimedium), we say that it is only counting epimedium.The area of a crest, we say that the double sputum is to detect the area of the peaks adjacent to the peak of the Epimedium peak and the peak of the Epimedium peak, so as to distinguish. Epimedium map basically comes out is the 5 finger peak, lcariin is the 5th peak. Icariinsis the sum of the 4th peak and the 5th peak.

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