Studies have found that smoking tomatoes and apples in smoking people can slow down the natural attenuation of lung

Sep 14, 2018

According to a study published in the European Journal of Respiratory, people with more than a decade of smoking history have eaten a diet rich in tomatoes and apples, especially apples, and their lung function has decreased significantly.

Studies have shown that certain ingredients in tomatoes and apples help restore lung function. This also means that after the smoker quits, his lung damage may be repaired. For people who never smoke, a diet rich in apples and tomatoes can delay the aging process in the lungs.

The researchers tracked the diet and lung function of 650 adults in 2002 and performed lung function tests on participants 10 years later.

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The researchers used a questionnaire to assess participants' diet and overall nutrient intake, and used spirometry to assess participants' ability to absorb lung oxygen. The lung function test mainly collects two data: one is the maximum expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1), which is the amount of gas discharged from the lungs in 1 second; the other is the maximum vital capacity (FVC) in 6 seconds. The total amount of air that can be absorbed. The study also collected participants' age, weight, sex, body fat index, socioeconomic status, physical vitality and total energy intake.

Data analysis showed that people who consumed more than two servings of tomatoes or more than three servings of apples per day had a significantly slower decline in lung function compared to those who consumed less apples and tomatoes. All adults observed a decline in lung function, including adults who continued to smoke but consumed large amounts of tomatoes. For people with a history of smoking, the contrast of lung function is more pronounced. More smoking, but using a diet rich in tomatoes and apples, lung function was delayed by about 80 ml within ten years. This suggests that certain nutrients present in the diet help to repair the damage caused by smoking.

However, the study also found that the health benefits of apples and tomatoes are limited to fresh fruits and vegetables.

The study showed that regular consumption of more apples helps to alleviate age-related decline in function and even helps repair damage caused by smoking.

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