Pure natural alfalfa extract


Type:Herbal Extract
Form:Fine yellow powder
Extraction Type:Liquid-Solid Extraction
Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:JinTai
Model Number:100% Nature
Specification:5:1 10:1 20:1
Test Method:UV
Function: Health Protection
Shelf life:2 Years
Application:Healthcare Products
Storage:Dry Container
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Packaging:Bottle, Can, Drum, Glass Container, Mason Jar, Plastic Container, Vacuum Packed





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Alfalfa Extract 4Product Name : Pure natural alfalfa extract

Latin Name: Medicago sativa

Botanical Source: Medicago sativa

Part Used: Whole plant

Appearance: Brown Powder

CAS No: 84082-36-0

Specification: 10:1, 20:1, Saponins≥5% UV Flavones≥5% UV

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Active ingredients


Saponin is a unique biologically active substance extracted from sputum, which is obtained from the acetal chain of a sugar hydroxy or non-saccharide compound.

A cyclic acetal formed by condensation of water. There are nearly 60 kinds of saponins in the genus Amaranthus, all of which are oleanane-type pentacyclic triterpenes. The content of saponins in sputum varies depending on the variety, location, growth period, and the like. Although the ratio of total saponin content in flowers and seeds is relatively high, the yields of both are small, the yield is low, and the total saponin content in the leaves is similar to that in the seeds, so leaves are a better material for extracting saponins. The content of saponins is highest in the germination stage and lowest in the wilting stage. As the growth cycle lengthens, there is a tendency to gradually decrease.

Flavonoids, isoflavones

Eucalyptus contains more than 80 kinds of flavonoids, such as flavonoids and their glycosides, flavonols and their glycosides, isoflavones, isoflavones, chalcone, dihydroflavonoids, dihydroisoflavones and rosetanes. . Chinese scholars isolated 7 compounds from the extracts of chloroform and n-butanol, and their structures were identified as: apigenin-7-O-β-D-glucoside, luteolin-7-O-β-D- Glucosin, uridine, β-methyl-glucopyranoside, apigenin, alizarin, 7,4'-dihydroxyflavone.


The sputum contains coumarin, such as scutellarin, azlactone, oxime lactone, and alfalfa. In addition, sputum also contains substances such as growth-promoting factors and plant proteins that are beneficial to the human body.

Effect on the human body

Reduce cholesterol and blood lipid levels

The diet can prevent the formation of hypercholesterolemia in experimental animals and also reduce hypercholesterolemia in experimental animals. Awkward

This effect is thought to be mainly caused by the saponins in it. Studies have shown that saponins can significantly reduce serum cholesterol in hypercholesterolemic rats, and significantly promote the clearance of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) by non-receptor pathway (mononuclear macrophage system) in search of familial high cholesterol. An effective drug for hyperemia (FH) suggests a more meaningful approach.

Experiments have confirmed that saponins can convert a large amount of cholesterol in the liver of rats into bile acids. In the rats fed with saponins, the net excretion of total sterols and acid sterols in the feces was significantly increased compared with the control group, indicating that saponins have the effect of blocking the bile acid enterohepatic circulation, thereby promoting the secretion of cholesterol from the body. Saponins can reduce animal and human organ and plasma cholesterol levels. The use of saponins in alfalfa seeds to clinically reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in human blood can also reduce angina pectoris in coronary heart disease by improving blood circulation in coronary vessels.

Ablation of atherosclerotic plaque

Saponins can promote atherosclerotic plaque. It is known that NO plays a key role in maintaining vascular homeostasis, and it can inhibit atherosclerosis by inhibiting activation and adhesion of leukocytes, preventing platelet adhesion and aggregation, inhibiting proliferation of smooth muscle cells, and preventing the formation of foam cells. form. Saponins can prevent the formation of atherosclerosis by promoting the release of NO from endothelial cells, thus demonstrating to some extent the mechanism by which saponins promote the regression of atherosclerotic plaque.

Regulate immune, antioxidant, anti-aging functions

Flavonoids can significantly improve the function of carbon monocyte clearance in mouse monocyte macrophages. Isoflavone extract can inhibit

Decreased thymus index and increased phagocytosis of mononuclear macrophages. Isoflavones potentiate the in vitro ConA-induced lymphocyte proliferation and NK cell activity in a dose-dependent manner, thereby exerting an immunomodulatory effect.

The flavonoids and isoflavones in the sputum can eliminate the free radicals in the chain initiation stage in the antioxidant reaction, and directly capture the free radicals in the free radical reaction chain, and block the free radical chain reaction through the phenolic hydroxyl group. Perennial consumption of glutinous food can supplement flavonoids, prevent cancer, prevent bone hyperplasia, prostatitis, reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease, and reduce women's menopausal discomfort and other functions. [6]

Flavonoids and isoflavones have strong antioxidant functions, which can remove active oxygen in human body, protect human body from lipids, proteins and chromosomes from active oxygen attack, prevent cell pathological damage, enhance immunity and delay aging.

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Certificate of Analysis




Assay (TLC)




Brown powder








Heavy metals















Particle size

100%through 80 mesh



Total of bacteria












Storage Store in cool & dry place. Do not freeze.

Keep away from strong light and heat.

Shelf life 2 years when properly stored


1.The major components in Pure natural alfalfa extract have the function of digestion of crude fiber, eliminate the acne..
2.The Pure natural alfalfa extract contains much of minerals. Such as Ca, K,Fe, Zn, and Na, and the K can help to discharge too much Na inside the body, thus eliminate too much acid, to avoid the gout caused by high concentration acid in the blood.
3.The Pure natural alfalfa extract can help to lower the cholesterol in the blood and body organization.
4.The Pure natural alfalfa extract can help to balance the PH.



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