What can peptides bring to your blood vessels?

Jun 15, 2021

Doctors often say that "blood pollution causes all diseases, and blood purification disease disappears." The human body is like a towering tree, and the human blood vessel is like the root system. The blood vessel is clean and the nutrients can be continuously supplied. Only when it is delivered to the whole body will our body be healthy.

However, as we age, the environment deteriorates, poor lifestyles, and chemical substances are infringed, the blood of the human body is like a tap water pipe. If it takes a long time, the inner wall of the pipe will become fouled and rusty. Cholesterol, triglycerides, heavy metals, lactic acid, etc. in the blood accumulate more and more on the blood vessel wall, forming plaques like yellow millet atheroma. Over time, thrombus formed.

Thrombosis can occur at any age and at any time. 99% of blood clots do not have any symptoms or feelings, and even go to the cardio-cerebrovascular department of the hospital for routine examinations, blood lipids, blood pressure, electrocardiogram, CT and other indicators are normal, and it may happen suddenly without knowing it.


Nowadays, heart stent surgery has become the biggest hidden danger for cardiovascular patients!

Heart stents are also called coronary stents, which have the function of dredging arteries. In general, 90% of the blood vessels are blocked, and the stent needs to be implanted when life is in danger. The main material of the stent is stainless steel, nickel-titanium alloy or cobalt-chromium alloy. Once the stent is implanted, medication must be taken all year round to achieve the purpose of controlling blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar.

After the stent is implanted in the body, the blood vessels are only expanded to allow blood in the narrowed area to circulate normally, but the junk toxins in the blood are not removed. Moreover, due to the intervention of the mesh stent, like a sieve placed in a river, blood poisoning is more likely to attach to the stent.

Therefore, everything is fine without implanting a stent. Blindly dilate the blood vessels, not only do not clean up the junk toxins in the blood, but the deposits on the blood vessel walls will increase and the trouble begins.


Peptides-the "cleaner and repairer" of blood vessels

As we age, the synthesis of peptides in the body decreases. Of course, the blood vessels are also lacking peptides as raw materials. In addition, unhealthy blood has been flowing in the blood vessels. A lot of "garbage" adheres to the blood vessel walls, accelerating the aging of blood vessels.


To give an easy-to-understand example, the sewer pipes at home were very useful at the beginning. After a long time, there are more attachments on them, the water will be slow, and the water pipes will become fragile. The aging of blood vessels puts a heavy burden on the body!

The human body is the same as a building. If the wall is broken, we must repair it with paint. Blood vessels are made of "collagen peptides", so supplementing sufficient peptides can solve the elasticity and flexibility of blood vessels.


How does peptide repair blood vessels?

Blood vessels are divided into regeneration and repair. Capillaries can be regenerated, and large blood vessels such as arteries and veins are repaired. The regeneration of capillaries is in the way of "sprouting".

At the beginning, the cells in the innermost layer of the blood vessel begin to grow larger and divide into more cells to form prominent granulation. The granulation grows up and becomes a solid "tube". Finally, the blood of the human body hits the "solid tube" within a few hours. The "pipe" of normal blood vessels appears, forming new capillaries, and the new blood vessels grow together with the "old" blood vessels to form a capillary network.

After getting the raw materials, the large blood vessels in the body continue to metabolize, and the flexibility and elasticity of the blood vessels are getting better and better.

Repair and regeneration will also give you an easy-to-understand example: a wound appears when the hand is cut, and the wound will grow after a few days. It is the blood that supplies peptides and other nutrients. If it loses a piece of meat and grows up, it is reborn.

Smooth blood circulation is inseparable from healthy blood vessels, supplementing peptides with a high absorption rate, allowing your blood vessels to "repair and regenerate" faster, achieving a younger blood vessel age, effectively preventing the formation of thrombus, effectively reducing blood sugar and lowering blood lipids , Let your body's blood vessels regenerate.

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