Cellular Nutritional Supplements-Peptides

May 25, 2021

In recent years, peptides, a new nutritional supplement, have appeared in front of the public and have been used in many industries. As an important nutrient for the human body, peptides have been reported by many media for their efficacy and effects; many research experts have won the award for peptides. Nobel Prize; There are also many patients with chronic diseases and even patients with rare diseases who have taken peptides to regulate their bodies and their health status has been significantly improved; and many patients have gotten rid of the control of chronic diseases by supplementing peptides.

The regulation of peptides on the human body is manifested in the following 3 aspects

1. The rehabilitation of the disease depends on two aspects. One is the temporary maintenance and control of drugs to prevent the disease from further aggravating and worsening; the second is the strengthening and improvement of the self-regulating function. To strengthen and improve its own conditioning function, it is necessary to supplement high-quality nutrition.

2. People live by nutrition, not drugs. If you want to be healthy, you must first start from the perspective of nutrition, and don't rely on drugs blindly. Medicine and nutrition cannot replace each other.

3. Peptides are not medicines! Peptides have neither the chemical toxicity of western medicine nor the contraindications of Chinese medicine. Peptides are special substances with important biological functions. It is a kind of nutrient that the human body exists and lacks and needs. Peptides have unique effects on cell tissues such as "nutrition repair, function activation, and support for regeneration". They can be used to intervene in diseases, detoxify waste, and improve the body's self-healing ability.


Why do many people need to take peptides now?

1. With the development of society and economy, living standards continue to improve, air pollution, hidden food safety hazards, unhealthy work and rest and eating habits, sub-healthy populations are widespread, and in the era of high incidence of chronic diseases, nutritional supplements cannot be ignored.

2. With age, the content of peptides in the body is gradually lost, which leads to the weakening of the body's repair function and induces the occurrence of diseases. At the same time, the disease further causes tissue damage, forming a vicious circle. Therefore, with age, supplementation of peptides is particularly important!

3. The active peptide has good solubility, low viscosity, good fluidity, thermal stability, fast absorption in the body and high utilization rate. Supplementing active peptides not only does not have any chemical damage and poisoning, but also supplements the lack of peptide nutrition in the body, and uses its physiological mechanism to reverse the regulation and restore the normal chain reaction. It exerts the multiple functions of peptides to regulate the body's functions and make the body gradually Get healthy.



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