What Are the Cranberry Extract Side Effects?

Oct 12, 2021

Cranberry extract has a very good effect on caring for female urinary infections and gynecological diseases. It helps women solve various physical problems. But what side effects does it have?

Cranberry Extract Side Effects

1. Stomach pain: Cranberry cold characteristics may cause stomach pain for some weaker women. Take cranberries supplements are advised to take them with ginger or brown sugar. For some women, you’d better stop cranberry during menstruation.

2. Urinary bleeding: It is a manifestation of the vaginal and uterine environmental conditioning process by cranberries. After taking cranberry supplements, attached congestion caused by inflammation and bacteria on the wall of the uterus or vagina will be gradually excreted from your body. Therefore, it causes leucorrhea with occasionally occurs occasionally.

3. Delayed menstruation: "Inflammation" of the urinary system is likely to cause delays in menstruation. After taking cranberry extract, the cranberries effect will play a role in inflammation treatment. It is possible that the instability of the inflammation in your body will have a certain impact on menstruation in a short time. In severe cases, it can even lead to infertility.

For each health care product, it will cause some negative effects on the body once it is excess. Cranberry extract is the essence extracted from cranberry fruit. It is natural and harmless. Long-term use is recommended. Because the effects of cranberry health products need a certain period. For women who are discomfort, you should seek medical treatment in time, and do not take products directly before the consultation.

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