Does Cranberry Benefit Male?

Oct 08, 2021

Cranberry is mainly grown in swamps or wetlands with acidic peat soil. It has a long history in the North American continent. Artificial cultivation has been more than 200 years. Cranberries are rich in various vitamins. And it also has many good functions for males.

cranberry for men

With the constant changes in living standards, men drink and eat irregularly. It leads to stomach disease and even chronic inflammation. H pylori is the leading cause of gastric ulcers and even gastric cancer. According to the study, a special compound rich in cranberry is concentrated tannins. It helps to inhibit H pylori attached to the intestines and stomach. It plays a good role in preventing stomach ulcers, gastric cancer, and duodenal ulcers. the tannins in cranberry can decrease the incidence of gastric cancer. Tannins also break down flora in the mouth, especially the Strep group causing dental caries and plaque. Reduce tooth bacteria, and refresh the mouth.

For meaty men with an unbridled diet, cranberry can clear grease and protect your stomach. Cranberry is rich in phytochemicals, such as vitamin C, flavonoids, and ellagic acid. They are very useful antioxidants that can nourish the skin, improve constipation, and remove toxins and excess fat from your body. The properties of cranberry are high potassium and low sodium. So, it can effectively antagonize excess sodium in antibodies. Cranberries contain flavonoids that inhibit the oxidation of low-density LDL-C. Therefore, lowering triglyceride levels in the blood will help promote cardiovascular health and reduce the occurrence of three highs.

To sum up, so it is helpful for men to eat more cranberry for gastrointestinal health, excretion of toxins, and excess fat from the body.

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