Is Cranberry Good For Dogs?

Sep 29, 2021

Cranberry contains important vitamins and minerals. It is a fruit with extremely rich nutritional value. So, how can these nutrients help dogs effectively?

Cranberry Is Good For Dogs

Dogs need antioxidants. Oxidation in dog's body is like rust in a car. It is part of an aging process that creates something called free radicals. Free radicals are the product of metabolism. They accumulate in your dog as time goes by. Even though free radicals are part of the body's normal processes, too many free radicals will damage your dog's cells and make the dog age faster. Anthocyanins in cranberry boost the antioxidant capacity of animal organs and the immune system. Cranberry is a good antioxidant to help prevent free radical reproduction.

Half of the dogs who are over 10 years old die of cancer. Studies have shown that cranberries can prevent or slow tumor growth in certain cancers. Studies on mice have successfully used cranberries to help control cancer. It may help increase the death of cancer cells. Cranberry even helps the side effects of traditional cancer treatments. Cranberry decreased the damage of the heart caused by chemotherapy drugs In a study in rats.

Above, cranberry is also helpful for the health of dogs. In the day-field diet, cranberry-related foods can be added to dogs.

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