How Does Senna Sennosides Work in Our Body?

Aug 15, 2021

Senna Sennosides is the derivative of the Chinese drugs senna leaf. It is the active ingredient in senna leaf which has a high content.

This ingredient molecule is converted to rheinanthrone in the colon by microorganisms, which has a beneficial function to stimulate colon activity and increases fluid exudation. The laxative effect of sennosides and its active metabolite rheinanthrone can inhibit the absorption of of water and electrolyte in the large intestine, so as to increase the volume and pressure of intestinal contents. It will stimulate the push-type tighten movement of the colon. What’s more, stimulation of active chloride’s exudation adds the contents of intestinal water and electrolyte. These changes depend on calcium on the surface of the serosa in the transport of active electrolyte. The laxative effect of it is partly through the colonic fluid and electrolyte secretion’s stimulation, and the secretion ability is regulated by the stimulation of the formation of endogenous prostaglandins.

Senna Leaf.

Senna Sennoside plays the role of clearing away heat and removing stagnation and promoting stomach to wriggle. It also has a certain antibacterial function. It can still be used clinically for acute pancreatitis, bacillary dysentery, epidemic hemorrhagic fever (EHF), cholecystitis. It is mainly used in medicine and loss weight health care products.

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