How to Use Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil for External Application?

Aug 20, 2021

Sea buckthorn seed oil is a natural oil extracted from the mature seeds of the plant sea buckthorn. It has a light-yellow color and a delicate fragrance. It can be eaten directly or used directly for external use. It has great benefits for maintaining human health. There is the efficacy and role of sea buckthorn oil for external use, and it will give you a better understanding of the methods of external use.

1. Hemostasis(stop bleeding)

The significant function of sea buckthorn seed oil is hemostasis. It can shorten the blood clotting time and stop bleeding quickly. When you have trauma and cause wound bleeding, you can take an appropriate amount of sea buckthorn oil and on it directly. It can stop bleeding quickly and prevent injury by using it on the wound. Smear sea buckthorn oil can accelerate wound healing and prevent scars.


2. Detumescence and Sensodyne (swell reducing and pain relief)

It can also reduce swelling and pain for external use. When people's skin is bitten by mosquito which appears swollen and pain, take an appropriate amount of sea buckthorn oil directly and do massage to make the swelling and pain subsided. And the itching symptoms on the skin can disappear as soon as possible. In addition, it can also ease the condition of eczema papules and skin inflammation.

3. Sun-proof

Smearing sea buckthorn oil in hot summer, it can form a protective layer on the skin surface, which can reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays and prevent the skin from sunburn. When skin becomes redness and erythema by the sun, a proper amount oil can also make the injured skin return to normal.

The external application method of sea buckthorn seed oil is simple. You can use the methods described above when you meet these situations, and you can see a particularly good effect.

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