What Are The Benefits of Senna Leaf Extract?

Aug 19, 2021

Senna leaf extract is widely used clinically. The pharmacological effects of senna are analyzed below.

The effect of antibacterial: 10% senna leaf extract has a significant inhibitory effect for E. coli, bacillus proteus, shigella, α-streptococcus and white candidiasis. Some hydroxyl radical anthraquinones components in senna leaf make a certain inhibitory effect. Senna leaf’s alcohol extract plays an inhibitory effect on multiple bacteria. As for its water extract, it makes sense on typhoid bacillus. The senna leaf leaching agent (1:4) inhibits microsporum audouini, nocardia asteroides and some dermatophytes in the tube.

Senna Leaf'

The effect of hemostasis: Platelets and fibrinogen increase after oral administration of senna leaf extract powder. It can shorten the time of clotting, recalcification, clotting enzyme and blood clot contraction to stop the bleeding. Crystal fibers and calcium oxalate cluster crystal in the senna leaf has a local hemostatic effect.

The influence of alimentary system: Senna leaf can prevent damage to the gastric mucosa from a high dosage of antibiotic medicine. It may be because it can resist the latter's inhibitory effect on the gastric mucosa cyclo-oxygenase (PG synthase). Owning to the laxative effect of PG is also a protective effect on the intestine, senna leaf’s protective effect on the gastric mucosa by stimulating PG synthesis consists with the diarrhea effect of stimulating PG synthesis.

The Effect of Muscle relaxation and dispassion: Senna leaf with the effect of curariform, which can relax the muscle by blocking the acetylcholine at the end of the motor nerve and bone muscle. Certain hydroxyanthraquinone components in it also have spasmolysis effect.

Other effects: The seeds of Cassia senna can reduce fasting blood sugar in dogs, and the whole herb contains cardiac glycosides.

Senna Leaf Extract powder

It is noteworthy that the toxic side effects of senna leaf extract is also a problem that cannot be ignored. The causes of their occurrence are mainly related to excessive dosages, in addition to individual differences in patients.

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