Can Angelica Used for Whitening?

Mar 06, 2022

Angelica is a high-frequency source of cosmetic raw materials, which is mainly used in the form of extracts and active ingredients. This article reviews the effects, applications, and existing problems of angelica root extract and its active ingredients in skin whitening and freckle removal to provide a reference for the development and application of subsequent cosmetics.

Angelica for Whitening

Whitening cosmetics is one of the main categories of skincare products and is very popular. Its development has always been the focus of cosmetics developers at home and abroad. The color of human skin mainly depends on the melanin in the skin. When the amount of melanin increases too fast or the distribution is uneven, it will cause local skin hyperpigmentation and pigment deposition, causing various skin diseases such as chloasma, freckles, and age spots. Tyrosinase activity determines the amount of melanin formation.

The whitening and freckle-removing effects of Angelica Sinensis have been reported in a large number of literatures. Its water extract, alcohol extract, polysaccharide, and ferulic acid can be used to whiten or treat melasma by inhibiting the synthesis of melanin by inhibiting the tyrosinase activity.

In recent years, plant essential oils have shown good application prospects in the field of whitening as a new type of tyrosinase inhibitor. Angelica volatile oil is the main active ingredient of angelica root extract. It has excellent ability to promote transdermal absorption. Whether it has a potential inhibitory effect on tyrosinase activity needs further research to confirm.

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