Taking The Blessing Video

Jan 16, 2019

On the morning of Wsdnesday 16, 2019, our company had its morning meeting as usual. Then,The financial director raised some questions about the civilization in the work. We took a video to wish xi 'an Suomei Company a happy birthday.

At the beginning, we discussed where it would be better to take video, and everyone talked freely. Finally, we decided to shoot video on the second floor, because there was enough light on the second floor and the place was spacious, and the video quality was better. In the filming process, the director of the operation department guided us to the position of the station, the manner of the station, and the blessing words. First of all, general manager Xu on behalf of the company wish xi 'an suomai company happy birthday, Then everyone joined the video patting. After a while, our video was posted in the group, and this is a very nice wishing video.


After the vedio,  everyone went back to work.

Shaanxi Jintai Biological Engineering Co.,Ltd


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