The Game Called “gunshot Hooligans”.

Jan 09, 2019

On the morning of January 9, 2019,our company had its morning meeting as usual. Then, the host today asked if there were any problems in each department.

Then, TianFei organized a small game for us to have a good mood on the new day. The name of the game was "gunshot hooligans". The rule of the game was: a person comes out to command, the commander randomly calls a person's name, but the commander's hand does not necessarily point to this person, in order to test everyone's response ability, the commander's hand can point to any person at random. The person who is called to the name does not move, on the contrary, the person who is called to the left and right sides of the name should raise his hand. The person who does not raise his hand or who reacts slowly will command the next round. The person who accumulates three times will be out.



Finally, after several rounds, there were 3 person out. They sang a nice song for everyone. The short game was over and everyone had a great time.

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