The Origin Of The Pig In The 12 Symbolic Animals

Jan 24, 2019

In 11 days, we will celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year. This is the year of the pig,but why do pigs become one of the 12 Symbolic Animals?

There is a legend in the folk. There was a member in ancient times, and there were countless treasures, but there were no sons. By the time he was 60, he had a son. Friends are coming to bless, and outside the staff, everyone is invited to the banquet to celebrate having a son. After the banquet, a Taoist came to the child and saw that the child had a wide forehead, a large face, an obvious outline of the ear, and was white and fat. He surely said that the child must be a great man in the future.

This child has no worries, no reading, no kung fu, just drinking and having fun all day, nothing to do, he believes that his life is a lifetime of wealth, do not have to work hard. Who knows that after the child grows up, his parents die and the family declines. The child still lived a degraded life and finally starved to death in the room.

This fat boy became a ghost after he died, and went to the king of Hell to complain about his fate, why he would die so badly. The king of hell brought this ghost to the heavenly emperor and asked the emperor to handle it impartially. The emperor called God and asked him how this rich-faced fate would die because of hunger. God said that this fat boy does not learn, does not work, and squanders money. The emperor was very angry after listening. He told the judge that although he had a wealthy fate, he lazily squandered money and turned him into a pig today to eat low-grade food. "This time just happened to pick up the twelve zodiac signs in the sky. The judge on this day heard "eat low-grade food" as "elected twelve zodiac." Immediately took the fat boy to the world. From then on, the fat boy became a zodiac pig, Eat low-grade food and become a zodiac.

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