You don't know her heart

Jun 19, 2020

You don't know her heart


Lily has been struggling with this stubborn baby for 2 hours. She has been crying and crying since she woke up at noon. She doesn't drink milk or water. Because she can't speak yet, we don't know what she wants. Lily tries her best to soothe her, but she can't. I tried to grab her attention with the toy but failed.The clock on the wall ticked. It was already five o 'clock. His husband was about to leave work.

Half past five, six o 'clock, the clock struck again. At that moment the doorbell rang. I opened the door. It was Tom back. He was carrying a big bag of things in his hands. Before he could change his shoes, he washed his hands and took out a bag then gave it to Lily. It was a pink packaging bag, very cute, I see that is the thing that children like. As soon as Lily opened the package, the baby stopped crying, doddered along and grabbed it with his hand. Her little hand goes into the bag and pulls out a pink strawberry grain, then put it in her mouth. It was an expression of satisfaction on her face.

Lily opens another packet for me to taste. The sweet, sour freeze-dried strawberries grain tastes crispy.

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