Apple polyphenols

Feb 27, 2020

Apple polyphenols is a general term for polyphenols contained in apples. Polyphenols are widely found in fruits and vegetables. The polyphenol content in apples varies with maturity, and the polyphenol content in unripe fruits is 10 times that of ripe fruits Therefore, it is advisable to use unripe fruits for the extraction of apple polyphenols. 

Crude apple polyphenols contain chlorogenic acid, catechins, epicatechins, apple condensed tannins, phlorizin, phlorizin, anthocyanins, and the like. Apple condensed tannins accounted for about half of the total polyphenol content. Application of apple polyphenols Because apple polyphenols have antioxidant, deodorizing, freshness, flavor, color, and vitamin loss prevention functions, they can prevent food quality deterioration. Therefore, they can be used in aquatic products processing, meat processing, The processing and manufacturing of bread, cakes, oils and fats, oily foods and refreshing beverages can significantly improve their product quality and shelf life. 

Because apple polyphenols have a variety of health functions, such as preventing dental caries, preventing hypertension, preventing allergic reactions, anti-tumor; anti-mutation, blocking ultraviolet absorption and other physiological functions, it can be used in the manufacture of health food and cosmetics. 

Apple polyphenols, as a health and functional food additive, need only 50-500 PPm to have sufficient efficacy.

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