Are natural plant cosmetics best to the skin?

Jul 01, 2020

Are natural plant cosmetics best to the skin?


According to the world environmental working group, the average woman USES 12 skincare products every day, which contains 168 different substances, meaning that our bodies absorb a lot of chemicals every day. In the United States, the food and drug administration can't exactly test every substance in beauty products, and the concept of "natural ingredients" is not clearly defined. For example, products labeled organic by the United States department of agriculture contain only a piteous amount of organic ingredients, usually no more than 10 percent. I believe you must be concerned about whether the skin care products with natural plant ingredients will have an impact on the skin, let me explain the skin care benefits of natural beauty products.


Q: Do all natural skin products work as well as traditional products?

A: the answer is yes. Natural care products are mostly protective, much like traditional products. With the development of science and technology and innovation, more beneficial substances extracted from plants have been added to skin care products, which are considered more effective and safe. Raw material suppliers are also committed to the development and cultivation of more pure plants.


Camellia extract and apple extract and other plant components, can be said to be very natural green health. This powerful healing energy to restore the fruit in the water can help women fully and extremely repair the skin, regulate the water and oil, purify the skin bottom, improve the metabolism of the skin, and restore the original healthy vitality of the skin.


Plant essence, together with microcapsule encapsulation technology, replace chemical oil with natural, pure and excellent fruit essence oil, reduce the damage to the skin, so the skin care effect is safe and efficient. So, natural green plant skin care products are really good for the skin, natural green plant strong healing energy will help the full range of extreme repair of the skin, just like the fruit of the original water, take care of every inch of the skin.


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