What's Tongkat Ali?Benefits of Tongkat Ali extract.

Sep 29, 2018

Tongkat Ali is a wild shrub plant grown in moist sandy soil in the pristine rainforest near Southeast Asia near the equator, with a maturity of more than 5 years. The tree is 4-6 meters high and can reach up to 12 meters. The trunk is 8-10 cm in diameter and the thickest is 15 cm. The branches have almost no forks, and the leaves are umbrella-shaped at the top. Its roots are also not forked, reaching the depth of up to 2 meters. The roots of Tongkat Ali have many functions. Together with bird's nest and tinware, they are also known as the three national treasures of Malaysia. Studies have shown that Tongkat Aligen (especially the core) contains many phytochemicals, which can increase the production of testosterone, a hormone required for male sexual function, and a hormone required for reproductive organs and brain development.

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Tongkat Ali can promote the body to produce more testosterone, up to 440%. Human trials have shown that DHEA (an androgen) levels have increased from 26% after taking it one week to 47% after three weeks, while SHBG (a protein molecule that inhibits androgen) levels have decreased by 36% after one week of taking it. It fell 66% after three weeks. As a result, when the SHBG decreased, the "free testosterone index" of most of the subjects increased. The rise in the "free testosterone index" means that Ali has a bio-promoting (rather than drug-promoting) effect on the production of androgen. The level of "free testosterone index" in human blood determines the health status and sexual ability of men.

Tongkat Ali can promote the hypothalamic and pituitary gland to send signals to the testosterone secretion system to produce more testosterone. This in vivo testosterone is different from oral testosterone. Synthetic testosterone (synthetic steroids) can supplement the body's testosterone, but it can seriously affect male sexual characteristics, causing symptoms such as testicular shrinkage.

The study found that Ali can improve sperm quality, increase sperm count, size and movement speed. In the laboratory mouse test, the volume of the sputum produced by the female rats was doubled compared to the volume of the sputum produced by the females who did not take it. The researchers speculate that this may be caused by female egg splitting, twins and multiple ovulations. They concluded from the experiment that stronger fertility is the result of increased sperm count and quality. In addition, Ali's effect on improving fertility is also very obvious. In animal experiments, male offspring are three times more effective than female offspring.

Researchers in Malaysia have found that Ali contains an Antioxidant Enzyme, an enzyme that resists the chain reaction of free radicals that are harmful to the body.

Dr. Kamal Ketuly, a British herbalist, and a pharmacologist from the Malaysian Academy of Sciences analyzed the chemical constituents of Ali in the laboratory of Rainforest Herbs and found that it contains a natural phytochemical of probenecid, which can effectively regulate the human body. Endocrine, inhibits the synthesis of uric acid, so that uric acid does not precipitate in the form of crystals of sodium salt in human joints, cartilage, soft tissue and other parts. Tongkat Ali has a significant effect on gout.

Researchers at the University of Tokyo Medical School in Japan isolated anticancer substances from Tongkat Ali. They have experimentally proved that the β-carboline substance extracted from it has a powerful therapeutic effect on lung cancer and breast cancer. 2) A joint research conducted by a Malaysian government-funded research institute and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that Ali has a strong effect. Anti-cancer and anti-HIV (AIDS) ingredients. According to Abdul Razak Mohd Ali, director of the Malaysian Forest Research Institute, the chemical composition of it is more effective than existing anticancer drugs. In addition, other experiments have shown that the Auassinoid chemical composition contains anti-tumor and anti-fever

Ali has three necessary conditions for the treatment of prostatitis: 1) can greatly improve the body testosterone levels, improve human immunity, enhance and nourish the human gland function;

2) It can use its unique and powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients to act on the gonads of the human body;

3) It can strengthen the blood circulation of the human body, help the drug to enter the prostate, promote the effect of the drug, and truly eliminate the symptoms of prostatitis.

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