The role of purple sweet potato powder

Oct 08, 2018

Purple sweet potato is rich in zinc, calcium, magnesium and other beneficial elements of the human body, especially containing the best value of selenium. Selenium element is called the superstar, life fire and anti-cancer king by the world medical community. Its anti-cancer function It is the first in all foods. It has long-term consumption and has the functions of improving human immunity, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, softening blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat, supplementing calcium, fitness and beauty. Americans listed it as "aerospace food", the Japanese called "the first anti-cancer food",Taiwanese respected it as "longevity food", and Hong Kong people called it "vegetable queen".Purple sweet potato has become the one of the favorite food of dining-table in China.

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1.Fresh Eating

Fresh eating is the highlight of the development of the purple sweet potato market. However, the development of fresh-eating purple sweet potato must pay attention to ensure that the product is on the grade, there is scale. The product itself first requires a good-looking appearance, good cooked food, neat size of the potato, clean and hygienic, no pests, no pollution, and beautiful packaging. Secondly, there must be certain storage facilities to guarantee the annual supply market. The key to developing fresh-eating sweet potatoes is to choose the right variety. At present, it is more suitable for fresh-eating development, such as Japanese purple potato king, purple sweet potato, black sweet potato, color purple, purple purple 263, Ning Zi 4, etc. Currently, it is suitable for the fresh purple sweet potato variety cultivated in the Yangtze River basin of China. Zhezi No.1 has the best performance. The flesh is beautiful purple red, excellent in quality, good in storage, stable in potato shape and easy to cultivate. It is suitable for most people's tastes.

2.Extract Pigment

The anthocyanins contained in purple sweet potato are a natural coloring agent, which is in great demand at home and abroad. The purple sweet potato variety used for extracting pigments is not strict on the appearance of potato chips, but it requires strong adaptability, disease resistance, high fresh potato yield and anthocyanin content. The anthocyanin color ratio is above 25. The new purple varieties suitable for pigment extraction mainly include Colorful Purple and Xu Purple 13-4.

3.Processing The Whole Powder

Purple sweet potato is peeled, dried and pulverized and processed into whole powder. It has beautiful color and rich nutrition. It is an excellent food processing raw material and can be used as the main ingredient or ingredient of various kinds of cakes. The processing of whole-powder purple sweet potato varieties requires high starch content, smooth potato skin, uniform meat color, and low requirements on the shape of potato tubers. Purple potato king, color purple, L7, Yu Purple263, Ningzi 4, Jishu 18, Shanchuan purple, etc. can be used for whole powder processing, but it is ideal for color purple, which is high starch and high anthocyanin variety, and Very resistant to storage.

4.Processing Snack food

The snack foods such as potato chips and frozen potato cakes made from purple sweet potato are rich in nutrients and good in taste. However, due to the scattered planting of purple potatoes, the shortage of raw materials in most processing plants has affected the scale of production. In addition to the high requirements on the appearance of potato, processed snack foods also require high starch and soluble sugar. The current color purple variety is a good variety for potato chips.

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