What are the medicinal effects of kava?

Apr 29, 2021

Piper methysticum Forst (Piper methysticum Forst) is a medicinal plant of perennial erect shrubs in the Piperaceae family. It is produced on the islands of the South Pacific. The roots and rhizomes of Fiji, Vanuatu, Polynesia, etc. are used as medicine. The effective part is the fat-soluble resin part. In recent years, kava has been used as a food supplement by people in many countries around the world to regulate stress, anxiety, depression and other insomnia and psychological problems.

Pipermethysticum Fost contains dihydromethysticum and dihydromethysticum Fost, which have obvious muscle relaxation effects, and their analgesic effect is better than aspirin.

Inkava root has natural active substances, which can act on the emotional center of the brain to exert its physiological effects, relax the mind and body, and drink kava can reduce stress, relieve anxiety, correct depression, and promote sleep. It has become a mental health remedy for modern people.

In recent years, kava has been recommended as a food supplement in the world. In 1995, Kava became one of the 20 best-selling herbs in Germany. It is also one of the 16 best-selling herbs in the United States. Kava and the wine made from it is called Kava (Kava, Kawx). The South Pacific Island national doctors regard Kava as the "holy medicine", and the indigenous people regard Kava as the "highest status." plant". The Hawaiians once stipulated that "sucking kava secretly is punished by death", which shows how important the plant is.

Since the 19th century, European and American scientists have confirmed from chemical, pharmacological, toxicological and clinical studies that the main components of kava are kava lactone, narcopicrin, kawain, dihydropiperidine, etc., which can be adjusted in both directions. Neurotransmitter, reduce stress, relieve anxiety, overcome depression, relax muscles, relieve fatigue, relieve insomnia, and exert unexpected effects. Therefore, the United Kingdom included kava in the "Plant Pharmacopoeia" and the United States in the new version of the "United States Pharmacopoeia". Many countries in Europe and the United States listed kava as an over-the-counter or prescription drug.

In 1992, kava was certified as a mental health food by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The appearance of kava in France almost made conventional sleeping pills unpopular. In Japan, kava is used as a health product to reduce mental stress, stabilize mental balance, and improve sleep. As early as 1995, American scientists Kaser and Professor Mellon co-authored "First Health" and "Natural Answers to Kava, Stress, Anxiety, and Insomnia", and proposed that neurotransmitter imbalance is the root cause of insomnia and can be adjusted. The neurotransmitter herb-kava is a natural answer to insomnia and psychological problems such as stress, anxiety, depression and so on.

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