Sweet Purple Potato Powder


100% Nature Fruit Powder
Latin Name: Solanum tuberdsm.
Used Part: Body
Appearance: Purple fine powder
Mesh: 100% pass 80 mesh
MOQ:1 Kg
shelf life: 2 years
Packaging: Can, Plastic Container, Vacuum Packed
Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)





Product Introduction

Jintai Sweet Purple Potato Powder is prepared by spray drying. The product obtained by this process has good solubility and product performance. The powder extends shelf life and reduces shipping, packaging and other costs. This product expands the application of purple potato in beverages, food and health care products. Jintai has 15 years of experience in producing and selling fruit and vegetable powder. We choose all natural and high quality ingredients. Provide customers with high quality products and services!

Sweet Purple Potato Powder

Plant Source

Purple potato is an ideal crop that is easy to cultivate and can be used for both medicine and food. Its skin and flesh are purple. Purple potato is rich in nutrients and has special health care functions. It contains rich protein and various trace elements that ordinary sweet potatoes have, including 18 kinds of amino acids, 8 kinds of vitamins and more than 10 kinds of mineral elements. It is also rich in selenium and anthocyanins, which are easily digested and absorbed by the human body.

Purple Potato Powder Uses

Purple Sweet Potato extract-powder.png

Purple potato flour can be used in almost every field of food processing. It can improve the nutritional content of products, improve the color and flavor of products, and enrich the variety of products.

1. Beverages: Beverages made from fruit and vegetable powder can maintain the flavor of fresh fruits and vegetables;

It is the main raw material of solid beverages

2. Food:

As flavor enhancer, nutrition enhancer;

It can also be used as natural pigments and natural flavors to replace various chemically synthesized pigments and flavors;

It also has application prospects in functional foods.

3. Medicines, health products and supplements:

It contains many natural botanical ingredients with physiological activity and health care functions.

Certificate of Analysis

Appearancepurple fine powder
Heavy metals≤10ppm
Particle size100% through 80 mesh
Water soluble90% Soluble in water
Total of bacteria≤1000cfu/g

Product Application

保,药,食1. Applications in food

Sweet Purple Potato Powder is beautiful in color and rich in nutrients. It is an excellent raw material for food processing. It can be used as a main ingredient or ingredient for various kinds of cakes.

2. Applications in Healthcare Field

It has the functions of improving human immunity, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, softening blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat, supplementing calcium, fitness and beauty.

3. Applications in Health care products

Purple sweet potato can be used as a health food with a wide range of sources and can be considered as a human anti-aging health care product.

4. Extraction of pigments

Anthocyanins contained in purple sweet potatoes are a natural colorant.

Our Certificates

JINTAI certifications

Jintai Advantages

1. Abundant herbal resources in Qinling Mountain without pollution, more than 15 year’ herbal extraction experience, GMP standard production line, and efficient service!

2. Jintai is specialized in plant extract powders for more than 15 years, and owns 7 production lines. 500 tons of herbal extract powders and fruit & vegetable powders per year.

3. We strive to provide superior botanical extracts, competitive prices, and unequaled customer service well in the 21st century.

4. We are dedicated to the identification, development, and production of active constituents from the natural herb supplied different natural and fresh raw material to our client.


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