Analysis on the efficacy and role of kava leaf/root/stem extract in skin care cosmetics!

Apr 28, 2021

Many consumers see that some cosmetics contain the chemical substance "Kava pepper leaf/root/stem extract", but they are not clear about the efficacy and function of this substance, and want to know about products containing Kava pepper leaf/root/stem extract OK. This article introduces the effects, effects and effects of kava leaf/root/stem extract on the skin.

Kava extract

Kava leaf/root/stem extract, the English name is PIPER METHYSTICUM LEAF/ROOT/STEM EXTRACT, the main role of kava leaf/root/stem extract in cosmetics and skin care products is a skin conditioner, and the risk factor is, It is relatively safe and can be used with confidence. It generally has no effect on pregnant women. Kava leaf/root/stem extracts are not acne-causing.

It has sedative, hypnotic, antibacterial, analgesic and other pharmacological effects, and is widely used in nutritional supplements and herbal preparations in Europe and the United States. Mainly contains kava lactone, kava pyrone and so on. There are 6 specific types of kava piperolactone: namely, jasperrin, dihydrojaperanthin, jasperrin, dihydrojaperanthin, methoxy jasperin and demethoxy jasperrin. Used in cosmetics for conditioning, sterilization and soothing effects

Kava leaves/root/stem extracts are suitable for 8 types of skin: sensitive skin, oily skin, firm skin, dry skin, non-pigmented skin, tolerant skin, pigmented skin, and wrinkled skin.

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