What are the magical effects of ginger powder that you can't think of?

Mar 05, 2021

The magical effect of ginger powder in life:

1. Ginger powder as a seasoning: adding an appropriate amount of ginger powder when cooking vegetables can not only improve the taste, but also serve as a health care;

2. Ginger powder for facial mask: Use proper proportion of ginger powder and flour and warm boiled water to make a paste. It is recommended to start with flour. The weight ratio of ginger powder is 2:1 (too heavy ginger powder will be very spicy on the face). , If it is more sensitive skin, it is recommended that the amount of ginger powder be lower), and then adjust according to your own feelings (each person's skin tolerance is different, the above ratio is only for reference, not absolute);

3. Ginger powder wash your face:

Method 1: Wet the area to be washed with warm water, then rub a proper amount of ginger powder in water and rub it evenly on the area to be washed. The rubbed area will become hot and even hot. This method is very irritating , Be careful not to get ginger powder into your eyes when rubbing, otherwise your eyes will be very uncomfortable.

Method 2: Put an appropriate amount of ginger powder into the warm water for washing your face (bath) and wash it directly. This method is not so irritating. For health care, the second method is generally sufficient. If the body is uncomfortable Yes, it is recommended to use the first one. Long-term adherence to either of the above methods can make your skin better and your body healthier.

4. Ginger powder bathing: If you accidentally catch the wind and catch the cold, put appropriate ginger powder in hot water and rinse carefully. After washing, you will find that you have never felt relaxed, and your cold will improve quickly; (Use fresh ginger to fight It can be broken into hot water).


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