What's the Black Wolfberry Benefits and Side Effects?

Nov 16, 2021

In our daily life, black wolfberry is a common tonic. It has many benefits for the human body.

Black Goji Powder

What are the benefits of black wolfberry?

1. It has a good effect on our eyesight;

Learn clinical reports, black wolfberry anthocyanins can promote the retinal cells covering the purple qualitative generating can prevent severe myopia and retinal detachment, have obviously protected vision effect, for adolescent pseudomyopia, middle-aged and old person, retinal hemorrhage, diabetic retinopathy, cataract, visual fatigue, dry eyes all have good health care function.

2. Improve immunity and prevent cancer;

The anthocyanins in black wolfberry can scour free radicals and prevent cancer cells from spreading smoothly, thus protecting more healthy cells from being attacked by cancer cells.

3. Improve the circulation;

Anthocyanins improve blood circulation, restore lost microvascular function and strengthen fragile blood vessels, making them more resilient.

4. Sleep improvement;

It can prevent the early generation of skin wrinkles and is the most effective antioxidant in nature. It not only can prevent skin furrow advance generation, but also can complement nutrition and eliminate harmful free radicals inside the body more.

5. Slow the aging process;

Anthocyanins can penetrate deep into cells to protect the cell membrane from free radical oxidation and have strong anti-oxidation and anti-allergy functions. They can cross the blood-brain barrier, protect brain nerves from oxidation, stabilize brain tissue function, and protect the brain from harmful chemicals and toxins.

Black goji berries have many benefits for our body, but it's not always better to eat more of them. So what are the side effects of black wolfberries?

1. Excessive consumption can cause people to get hot, nosebleeds, and even cause uncomfortable red eyes;

2. People who suffer from high blood pressure, are too impatient, or have a lot of meat intake on weekdays resulting in red face, are cold and fever, body inflammation, diarrhea should not eat too much.

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