Black Wolfberry vs Red Wolfberry: 4 Main Differences

Nov 19, 2021

Black wolfberry is black fruit wolfberry, It is Lycium of Solanaceae Lycium ruthenicum Thorny bush, The main active ingredient is anthocyanins, It has a natural free radical scavenging effect, Can lower cholesterol 、 Excite the brain 、 Enhance immune function 、 Prevention and treatment of cancer 、 anti-aging 、 Beauty, beauty, etc.

Red wolfberry is also called goji berry, a Solanaceae plant Lycium Barbarum L. Dried ripe fruit. The main effective ingredients are Lycium barbarum polysaccharide and betaine, It can nourish the liver and kidney 、 The effect of benefiting essence and brightening eyes, It is used clinically for deficiency of labor and essence 、 Lumbago and knee pain 、 Dizzy tinnitus 、 Impotent spermatorrhea 、 Internal heat diabetes, 、 The blood is empty and yellow 、 Dim eyes, etc.

 Black wolfberry

Through the above introduction, You know that there is a clear difference, Specifically reflected in the following four aspects.


1、 Family affiliation

 Black wolfberry and Red Wolfberry belong to the wolfberry plant of Solanaceae . So they belong to the same family, different kinds of fruits.


2、 Shape difference

Black wolfberry is a round black fruit, Black wolfberry fruit has 7-8 A fruit seed, With a handle, And up, There is around and white circle in the fruit handle, Easy with blueberries, White bayberry, etc, It's a little sweet.

Red Wolfberry fruit is spindle-shaped or oblate oval red fruit, The pulp is fleshy, Soft and moist, Only a white pedicel mark can be seen at the base of the fruit, Generally, there is no fruit handle, It tastes sweet.


3、 Active ingredients

The content of polysaccharides in Black wolfberry is not high, The main active ingredient is anthocyanin, Amino acids, and trace elements .

Red wolfberry has a high content of polysaccharides, It's mainly Lycium barbarum polysaccharide And a small amount of betaine.



Black wolfberry is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine for health care, Mainly for beauty 、 Boost immunity, Anti-aging, and other health functions, Because the main component of black wolfberry is anthocyanin, Unstable heat 、 Easy to break down, So black wolfberry can't be soaked in hot water. Black wolfberry is of high medical and health value, Known as the “ Soft gold ”.

Red wolfberry fruit is mostly nourishing Chinese medicine, At ordinary times, there are fatigue symptoms such as deficiency of essence and deficit, You can drink it in water and chew it dry.

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