How Strong Is The Antioxidant Capacity Of Cranberries?

Sep 26, 2021

Cranberry is the Ericaceae Vaccinium plants. They mainly grow in acidic soil areas of the northern hemisphere. Now, only Canada, the US, Chile, and Northeast China have large-scale cranberry planting.

Antioxidant Capacity Of Cranberries

A large number of procyanidin compounds are extracted from cranberry have strong antioxidant activity. There are more and more researches about cranberry extract in recent years. Procyanidin is a kind of polyphenol. It is also called condensed tannins acid. The content of procyanidin in cranberries reaches 34.3mg/100g. It is the most effective natural antioxidant to remove free radicals in the human body. The ability to resist free radicals is 50 times vitamin E and 20 times Vitamin C.

Procyanidin removes water-soluble and fat-soluble free radicals. The elder eats cranberry every day can effectively prevent cardiovascular disease. For females, it is a natural beauty product that keeps them young and beautiful. Procyanidin plays a lot of roles owning to unique chemical and physiological activities such as anti-aging, whitening, and so on.

Cranberry also contains other antioxidant nutrients, such as salicylic acid, β carotene, vitamin c, and vitamin E. They give cranberries more nutritional and healthy functions.

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