Does Cranberry Helps Women Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)?

Sep 24, 2021

What is the special benefit of cranberry? Cranberry has a very famous and unique effect that is antibacterial function. Especially, improving urinary tract infections and inhibiting Helicobacter pylori infections. This article focuses on preventing urinary tract infections (UTI) to understand how cranberries help women's health.


About 50% of women have had a urinary tract infection. It can be said that it is the most vulnerable disease for women except for cold fever. It is determined by their physiological characteristics. Firstly, the female urethra is short and wide. It is close to the anus. So, the bacteria are easy to invade along the meatus urinarius. Secondly, when you are in the menstrual period and menopausal period with sex hormone changes and urethra mucosa changes, these situations are all conducive to bacterial adhesion.

80-90% of UTI are caused by colon bacillus. The tannins and procyanidin from cranberry have an antibacterial effect. It can inhibit pathogens from sticking on the epithelial cells of the urinary tract and the bladder. The pathogen will flow away with the urine to protect urinary tract. It helps maintain the normal pH of the urethra.

Cranberry has significant effects on bacterial infections, urethritis, and cystitis of women's daily urinary system. Compared with cranberry juice, dried fruit and jam, fresh cranberry and cranberry extract powder have a higher content of active ingredients. But the fresh cranberries are difficult to store and transport over long distances. Therefore, cranberry extract powder is the most convenient and effective choice.

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