Insect Medicine Is Popular All Over The World

May 03, 2019

When thousands of human nature, physical exhaustion, probing disease prevention, disease drugs, the insects presented a very precious human medicine health resources, from insect activity of proteins, amino acids into insect antimicrobial peptides, chitin, insects and human health is selfless dedication.


1. Insects drugs could fight cancer.

[Xinhuanet.medicine channel] studies show that medicinal insects have enhanced immunity, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-viral, anti-convulsant variety of pharmacological effects, sedation, analgesia, cancer, etc., in the clinic for more seed treatment of disease.

With insects deepening drug research and found a lot of the new role of medicinal insects, new uses. Such as: ant treatment for hepatitis B received good results; fruit flies, flies engineering antimicrobial peptides with anti-cancer activity, can inhibit tumor weight of mice S180, also make Ehrlich ascites tumor (EAC) ascites reduction; Cordyceps immunological liver injury in mice showed a protective effect; rhinoceros beetle (grubs) Beetle hormone (dictotastin) containing also has certain anti-cancer activity against solid tumors W-256 cancer have very strong inhibition of P-388 lymphocytic leukemia also play a role. It is particularly worth mentioning is that the active ingredients of medicinal insects such as cantharidin, active peptides and other bioactive with a strong, clinically used in some difficult diseases (such as: autoimmune diseases, cancer, hepatitis B, etc.) of treatment have a good effect. Insect antimicrobial peptides to become the world's countries to develop anti-AIDS, anti-tumor a class of drugs of key scientific research projects.


2. Insects regimen swept the world.

Medicinal insect itself is functional food, its high protein content and low fat content, but also contains peptides,glycosides and other active ingredients, which attracted international attention.And gradually formed a craze quickly swept the globe.


Insect food in the United States, Japan, Western Europe and some other countries have formed a large industrial scale. Eating ants are commonplace in Mexico, Colombia, known William gallascity known as "eating ants City" Americans gladly eaten by the ants, grasshoppers and other processed into chocolate, pies and the like.

 Insect food

Japan, Thailand, Germany, Australia, Zaire, Uganda, Mexico, the annual production of a large number of insects health food products to Japan, for example, in 1992 the market size of insects using technology B of 2.16 trillion yen. Compared with foreign countries, China's insect food and health products development potential, the market is very broad. Currently only Chinese caterpillar fungus, ants, bees and a few other varieties started to develop and scale insects are small. According to statistics, China's edible insects have 14 orders, 66 families 237 kinds, accounting for about half of the total world consumption 

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