Freeze Dried Papaya Powder


Latin Name: Carica papaya L.
Used Part: Fruit
Extraction Type: Freeze-dried
Particle size: 100% 80 mesh
Form: Powder
Grade: Pharmaceutical, Food and Cosmetic





Product Introduction

Freeze Dried Papaya PowderFreeze Dried Papaya Powder retains the original taste and nutrients of papaya. It mainly contains other vitamins and acids such as VC. The product is powdery, tastes good, and is easy to store. We introduce advanced freeze-drying equipment, combined with the advantages of raw material resources, to provide you with high-quality instant papaya powder.

JINTAI specializes in the research and development, production and sales of fruit and vegetable powder raw materials. According to different applications of customers, we provide customized products of various specifications.

Product Advantage

Because freeze-drying is carried out at relatively low temperatures, most of the nutrients in the plant are preserved intact. Freeze-dried papaya is almost the same as fresh papaya in shape or volume. Therefore, it has the following advantages over sun drying:

1. Retain biological activity, such as protein, vitamin and other activities;

2. It can be stored at room temperature for a longer time without adding preservatives;

3. Easy to carry and transport with low shipping costs.

Certificate of Analysis

Appearance Form

Fine powder


100% Soluble in water


100 mesh

Loss on Drying


Heavy Metals


Total Plate Count


Yeast & Mold







Store in cool & dry place; Keep away from strong sunlight and high heat.


Enterprise standard. Cardboard drum or carton, 25kg/cardboard drum(carton)

Shelf life

12 months when properly stored

Papaya Powder Benefits

1. Papain can help break down fat into fatty acids;

2. Promote the body's digestive function: Freeze-dried papaya powder contains an enzyme that helps digest and absorb protein;

3. Freeze Dried Papaya Powder has a certain promotion effect on the secretion and development of mammary glands.

4. Papain powder for skin: papain enzyme can promote skin metabolism, help dissolve sebum and aging keratin accumulated in pores; can effectively regulate acne-prone skin, and help to remove acne and acne.

Our Service

Our Service

Why choose Jintai Biological?

Shaanxi Jintai Bio is an enterprise specializing in the purification and processing of plant active ingredients. Our company has more than 20 years production experience. The company integrates production, sales and service, with natural plant extracts, fruit and vegetable powder, and freeze-dried powder as its leading products. We continue to pay attention to and serve human health from a global perspective, and create high-quality products in the field of green health.

Providing Freeze Dried Papaya Powder for free sample. For any query or further information, welcome contact us with an email at or submit your requirement in the bottom form, we always provide you good service.

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