What is the characteristics of Active insect protein powder?

May 09, 2019

Active Insect Protein Powder:


The insects by Deep processing, it as traditional Chinese medicine "grain worms" on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Medicinal properties: cold, non-toxic; Efficacy: detoxification, negatively Daozhi .

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Today, highly developed science and technology, reveal the effectiveness of insect larvae internal matter: antimicrobial peptides, lectin, defensin, chitin, phospholipids, these substances make people more clearly understand the activity of protein insect immunity Qubing Mechanism.


"Insects active protein powder" is a full-acting protein, is prevention, rehabilitation, nutrition, health four-way high-tech products.


The characteristics of Active insect protein:

1, It is can full complement of nutrients needed by the body: the active protein, free amino acids, vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids, for physical weakness, malnutrition crowd has a very good recovery effect, and can promote digestion, improve sleep.


2, From outside to the inside, eliminate toxins. Insect activity of protein in chitin, a triple detoxification function: laxative intestines, improve digestive function; can absorb and antagonize the body of toxic heavy metal ions, removal of heavy metals in the body of toxins, toxic heavy metals to prevent damage to the liver, kidneys, brain and nerves and constantly break down, neutralize toxins oxygen, thus preventing their damage on the body tissues.


3, It can lowering blood sugar, blood fat, lowering blood pressure.Insect activity of protein in chitin with the "three down" function.


4, It can sterilization immunity against the disease. Active protein in insect antimicrobial peptides is a special substance against bacterial invasion, it can kill a variety of viruses within 24 hours, pathogen, enhancing the body immunity, prevent diseases.


5, The function of anti-cancer. Insect activity of protein in antimicrobial peptides, chitin, defensins, lectins in synergy, can enhance the body's immune function, inhibit cancer metastasis, cancer cells lose the carrier is destroyed, inhibit cancer toxin, thereby prevent cancer and recurrence.lance


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