How Does Magnolia Extract Honokiol for Feeding?

Apr 01, 2022

Magnolia Bark Extract Powder honokiol has the advantages of natural origin, no toxic side effects, and no residue. Honokiol showed strong growth-promoting, anti-oxidative stress, improving meat quality and egg quality effects in poultry production and application. It is a green feed additive with high application potential.

Magnolia Extract Honokiol for Feeding

In the production of livestock and poultry, antibiotics are used to promote the growth of animals and prevent and treat diseases, but they have disadvantages such as easy residues and drug resistance of pathogenic bacteria, which endanger the health of humans and livestock and poultry, and cause environmental pollution. Based on the above problems, the application of pollution-free and green feed additives has become a trend in the development of animal husbandry.

1. Improve Production Performance

Although the application of magnolol in poultry production is still relatively lacking at present, the overall research shows that magnolol can improve the performance of poultry production.

The research on broiler chickens showed that after feeding 200mg/kg total magnolia phenol for 42 days, compared with the control group, its growth performance and survival rate could be significantly improved, in which the average daily feed intake increased by 5.20%, ADG It increased by 1.41%, and the material-to-weight ratio decreased by 2.88%.

Another study found that adding 200 mg/kg honokiol to the diet could increase the laying hen's egg production rate by 7.75%.

2. Keep Your Gut Healthy

Magnolia Bark Extract Powder has the functions of improving the intestinal development of poultry and regulating the intestinal flora, thereby maintaining its intestinal health.

In the study of yellow feather broilers, it was found that compared with the antibiotic group, the ileal villus height in the 150 mg/kg magnolol group was significantly increased. And the duodenal crypt depth was reduced considerably—increased abundance, which in turn improves gut health.

3. Improve Poultry Quality

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, consumers are paying more and more attention to the quality and safety of poultry products. How to improve the nutritional value, sensory quality, processing quality and hygienic quality of poultry products has become the focus of research by researchers.

Adding a certain proportion of magnolol to the diet can improve the quality of poultry products. However, its application is still relatively limited, and the specific mechanism of action needs to be further explored.


In addition to improving poultry production performance, product quality and intestinal health, Magnolia Bark Extract Powder also has functions such as regulating body metabolism, enhancing antioxidant capacity, and improving body immunity. Magnolol has shown good application effects in improving poultry production performance, maintaining body health and improving meat quality. It has a wide range of applications and development prospects in animal husbandry.

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