How Long Does Resveratrol Take To Work?

Mar 25, 2022

Resveratrol is eliminated from the body rapidly. The absorption rate in the body is slow and the degree of absorption is low, resulting in a relatively low bioavailability.

How Long Does Resveratrol Take To Work

When Does Resveratrol Start Working?

Resveratrol has low solubility in water. It has the characteristics of being unstable to light and temperature and having a short half-life. According to literature data, the bioavailability of Res in vivo is only about 1%. The study found that, regardless of oral administration or intravenous injection, the peak time of Res in animal plasma was less than 5 minutes. After oral administration, it was found that resveratrol undergoes extensive phase II metabolic reactions in the human body. Formation of glucuronide and sulfate conjugates results in the detection of only trace amounts of the prototype resveratrol in the blood.

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A number of studies have also shown that resveratrol is widely distributed in various tissues mainly in the form of binding in mammals, especially in the liver, kidney, heart and brain where blood perfusion is rich. This in vivo distribution phenomenon provides a better treatment idea for lesions in specific organ sites. In addition, different modes of administration will have different absorption effects. Oral administration will show a "double-peak phenomenon" in the pharmacokinetics, while intravenous injection does not.

Resveratrol Supplements Improve

In recent years, research on resveratrol formulations has mainly focused on improving its strong hydrophobicity, instability to light, heat, etc. With the development of formulation theory and the emergence of new excipients and new equipment. The dosage form increases the drug dissolving property, and the stability to light and heat is improved. Using new dosage forms such as nanotechnology, microencapsulation technology, etc., it is prepared into a certain targeted preparation to improve its targeted therapeutic effect. The use of excipients can adjust the drug release rate, improve the bioavailability in vivo, and increase the market application value.


At present, the international market has taken resveratrol health food as the development focus. A series of products for the purpose of health care have been launched one after another.

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