Do you know the extraction process of cassia seed extract?

Mar 24, 2021

1. Using ethanol concentration, extraction time, and amount of alcohol added as the inspection factors, and the extraction rate of chrysophanol as the inspection index, select the best extraction conditions. The results showed that Cassia seed was extracted twice with 60% ethanol, the first time was extracted with 8 times the amount of ethanol for 2 hours, and the second time with 7 times the amount of ethanol for 1.5 hours, the extraction rate of chrysophanol was the highest.
2. In the research progress of the extraction process and pharmacological effects of the effective ingredients of Cassia seeds, it is mentioned that the extraction methods of Cassia seeds include ultrasonic assisted extraction (ultrasonic assisted extraction is an effective choice in the extraction of effective ingredients of Cassia seeds), high-speed countercurrent chromatography (high-speed countercurrent chromatographic separation method) It has significant effect in the separation of anthraquinones, the effective components of Cassia seeds), pectinase enzymatic pretreatment and ethanol extraction combined extraction (the extraction effect of the total flavonoids of Cassia seeds with relatively low total flavonoids is good), supercritical carbon dioxide Extraction (supercritical extraction technology is currently the most advanced, most effective and greenest extraction technology, in the extraction of effective components of cassia seeds, especially the extraction of volatile oil is worth promoting), solvent extraction and other methods.

Clinical application
1. Treatment of hyperlipidemia, coronary atherosclerotic heart disease, hypertension, and lipid metabolism disorders caused by corticosteroids.
2. It can treat various eye diseases, eye damage of immune diseases, uveitis, iritis, eye ulcers, etc. It can be used equivalently with dense mongolica and scutellaria.
3. Treat dry stools and habitual constipation, with the same use as rhubarb and large abdomen.

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