What are the effects of alfalfa extract on livestock?

Mar 25, 2021

Alfalfa is the general name of Medicago (Medicago) plants, commonly known as "clover", is a perennial flowering plant. The most famous of these is alfalfa (Medicago sativa) as a forage. Alfalfa has strong adaptability and biological nitrogen fixation ability. It is one of the most widely cultivated and most important legume pastures in the world. Alfalfa has high nutritional value, rich in crude protein, vitamins and minerals, balanced amino acid, good palatability, and high digestibility. It is known as the "king of forage".

alfalfa extract

The effect of alfalfa extract on livestock:

1. Improve livestock immunity

①Promote the development of the immune organs of livestock;

②Enhance the immune effect of livestock vaccines;

③Significantly increase the T lymphocyte transformation rate of chickens, increase the titer of chicken Newcastle disease antibody in the serum and the phagocytic index of macrophages; increase the B lymphocytes in the peripheral blood of pigs and increase the level of serum antibodies.

2. It has deworming effect on rumen protozoa of cattle and sheep

Tests have shown that protozoa affect 88% of the turnover of bacterial protein, and deworming can increase the total number of bacteria in the rumen of sheep. Alfalfa saponins have an effect on ovine rumen protozoa and are related to the type of diet. When adding 2% and 4% alfalfa saponins to diets based on coarse feed, protozoa can be reduced by 34% and 47%; when adding 2% and 4% alfalfa saponins to diets based on concentrate, the total protozoa The amount was reduced by 33% and 76%, respectively.

3. Promote livestock protein synthesis and precipitation

Alfalfa extract can increase the ability of piglets and chickens to synthesize protein, and at the same time improve the absorption and utilization of nitrogen, significantly reduce nitrogen metabolites, which is conducive to protein synthesis and deposition.

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