Chlorogenic Acid: Key Nutrients Of Honeysuckle

Dec 31, 2021

One of the main active ingredients of 98% Honeysuckle Flower Extract is chlorogenic acid. Honeysuckle, as a precious Chinese medicinal material, has always had a high and stable market demand. Moreover, modern scientific research on the biological activity of chlorogenic acid has penetrated into the fields of food, medicine, health care, and the chemical industry.

 98% Honeysuckle Flower Extract

Chlorogenic Acid Sources

Chlorogenic acid is widely found in plants, such as sunflower, apples, grapes, potatoes, coffee beans, etc. Therefore, people can more or less ingest chlorogenic acids in food, vegetables, fruits, and tea in daily life.

Chlorogenic acid mainly exists in Loniceraceae and Kobresia of Compositae. But plants with higher content include honeysuckle and eucommia.


Properties of Chlorogenic Acid

It is easy to be oxidized and condensed into high-molecular colored substances under the action of polyphenol oxidase. Therefore, as the drying temperature increases, the activity of polyphenol oxidase increases. The oxidation and condensation of chlorogenic acid are accelerated, and its content is continuously reduced. When the temperature is further increased, the oxidative condensation of chlorogenic acid is inhibited. Its content will no longer decrease. However, chlorogenic acid is a polyphenolic hydroxyl acidic substance with poor thermal stability and will also be decomposed and lost due to excessive temperature.


Chlorogenic Acid in Honeysuckle Flower

Drying is an important link that affects the quality of chlorogenic acid in 98% Honeysuckle Flower Extract. Traditional honeysuckle drying is mostly used natural air drying or coal-fired drying, which easily causes honeysuckle to turn black, lose a large amount of active ingredients, and reduce quality. With the continuous optimization of the food drying process and the requirements of carbon reduction and environmental protection, the use of new intelligent green drying equipment is the general trend. The Chinese Pharmacopoeia stipulates that chlorogenic acid, the main active ingredient of honeysuckle, shall contain no less than 1.5% of chlorogenic acid based on the dry product. The medicinal effect of honeysuckle depends on the content of the main active ingredient chlorogenic acid after the final drying. The content of active ingredients directly determines the value of the product, thus affecting the economic benefits of the main body of drying processing.


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