Cuscuta Chinensis: 3 Typical Application in Gynecology Diseases

Jan 05, 2022

The chemical composition of Cuscuta Chinensis Extract Powder contains flavonoids, polysaccharides, alkaloids, terpenoids, steroids and other compounds. Eliminate the significant effects of Cuscuta seeds on lowering blood sugar, reproductive system and delaying aging. He is also a common medicine used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat gynecological diseases. Therefore, it also has a certain positive effect on some typical gynecological diseases.

Cuscuta Chinensis Extract Powder

1. Fetal movement, miscarriage

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that maternal factors mostly cause fetal movements. It may be due to kidney deficiency or overwork. Modern Chinese medicine pharmacological studies have proved that Cuscuta can enhance the ovaries and pituitary gland reactivity and promote the secretion of HCG in the villous tissue of human early pregnancy culture in vitro. This will encourage the formation of the ovarian corpus luteum and have a certain influence on the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonad axis. Therefore, Cuscuta has a significant effect on abortion.

2. Infertility

Chinese medicine believes that Cuscuta seeds have similar effects of sex hormones and gonadotropins, and have the effect of ovulation stimulation. Modern research has also shown that Cuscuta Chinensis Extract Powder can increase estrogen levels and increase the content of estrogen receptor and progesterone receptor in the endometrium. It can improve the patient's circulation and microcirculation, and increase the ovarian blood flow. This can induce ovulation and promote the development of the corpus luteum, making full preparations for pregnancy.

3. Osteoporosis after menopause

Osteoporosis is a high incidence of postmenopausal women. It is a multifactorial disease. Cuscuta can promote bone defect repair, adjust the relationship between bone formation and bone resorption, and have obvious preventive effects on osteoporosis caused by ovarian function decline.

Through the above information, we can understand that Cuscuta is a commonly used drug in gynecology. However, its clinical applications are mostly concentrated in compound prescriptions. However, the research on the chemical composition and pharmacological effects of Cuscuta Chinensis Extract Powder is more limited, mainly focusing on improving reproductive function, affecting bone metabolism, delaying aging, and regulating the immune system. Suppose the relevant clinical and experimental research can be further improved. In that case, its clinical application value can be expanded and new ideas for the application of gynecological clinical diseases can be provided.

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