What can Avocados be Used for

Dec 23, 2021

Avocado Extract Powder is a kind of processed form of avocado fruit. I’m sure that you know the avocado, but do you know it thoroughly? Do you know what can avocados be used for?

Now, let’s know something about the avocado.

Avocado is a kind of high-calorie fruit with high nutritional value. The sugar content of the flesh is low, which is only one-fifth of the sugar content of bananas. Not only that, avocado contains oil, rich vitamins and minerals, protein, sugar, and other plant components. It is necessary for humans and other animals to maintain normal physiological activities and it is a favorite high-energy, low-sugar, and easy-to-digest food and fruit. According to the recommendation of nutrition experts, eating half an avocado fruit a day can enhance short-term memory.

avocado extract

Avocados can be used in the medicine and healthcare industries. Avocado oil contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, which have the effect of lowering blood lipids and cholesterol. It is a food that people with diabetes can eat with confidence, and drinking the peel of avocado tea can relieve diabetes to a certain extent. In addition, avocado can alleviate liver disease. The fruit contains a substance that has special lethality against viruses that damage liver health, which provides a basis for the development of drugs for curing liver disease. Besides the function of this, its leaves and bark can relieve cough, regulate menstruation and detoxify snake venom and other poisons.

Avocados can be used in cosmetics. Avocado extract is a high-quality raw material for natural cosmetics. It contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids and rich vitamins, especially vitamin E and carotene, and has strong absorption of ultraviolet rays. So that it is a high-quality raw material for skincare, sunscreen, and health cosmetics. Avocado oil is a vegetable oil made by pressing or solvent extraction after dehydration of avocado pulp. Its appearance is fluorescent, when light is reflected, it is dark red; when light is transmitted, it is green, and with a slight hazelnut smell, not easy to rancidity. Due to its dark color, avocado oil is not suitable for direct use in cosmetics and needs to be decolorized. Because avocado oil is non-toxic and non-irritating to the skin, what’s more, it is also harmless to the eyes. The United States and other countries have successively used it in cosmetics. Avocado extract has good lubricity, mildness, emulsification, and stability, and has stronger skin penetration than lanolin. It has a certain effect on inflammation and acne. Many countries have widely used avocado oil in cosmetic products such as skincare creams, cleansing creams, nutritional creams, sunscreens, lotions, facial cleansers, facial masks, shampoos, soaps, shaving creams, softening creams, body lotions, etc.

The seeds can also be squeezed into oil, which can nourish the skin and cure rough and dry skin. Guatemalan residents use peels and massage their scalp for hair growth. Seeds and seed cypress, pulpy cypress, and peel can be used as feed and fertilizer.

As for the Avocado Extract Powder, as a kind of processed form of avocado fruit, it contains all essential minerals, vitamins, and other ingredients which boost immunity, skin health, and control diabetes. And avocado extract can be used in a number of formulations like food and beverage products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and dairy products.

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