Black Currant Extract Powder

Black Currant Extract Powder


Latin name: Ribes nigrum L.
Main ingredients: Anthocyanidins; anthocyanin
Part used: Fruit
Color: black and purple fine powder
Mesh: 100% over 80 mesh
Odor: special smell
Specification:5%, 15%, 25%, 10:1
Storage method: sealed, protected from light, and stored in a cool and dry place.
Shelf life: In the case of meeting the storage requirements, the shelf life is 2 years.





The active ingredient of black currant extract powder is anthocyanin. It is a purple-red to deep purple fine powder with a unique odor. Anthocyanins are mainly used in acidic beverages, such as soft drinks, fruit wines, and carbonated drinks. It is also a coloring agent used in food. And the extract is also rich in vitamin C and minerals. Due to the antioxidant effect of its active ingredients, it has been widely used in cosmetics, health care products and pharmaceutical industries.

Black Currant Extract Powder (1)


1. Blackcurrant Juice Powder has the effect of scavenging free radicals and anti-oxidation;

2. Has the effect of lowering serum cholesterol;

3. Significantly relieve physical fatigue;

4. Can block the production of nitrosamines and play a role in preventing cancer;

5. Protect eyesight: the role of prevention and treatment of glaucoma.


Health products;

Food ingredients raw materials;

Solid beverage raw materials;

Feed additives.

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